Upholstery Cleaning Bothwell

Here at Perfect Clean we have been providing upholstery cleaning services to customers in Bothwell and the surrounding areas since we first formed as a company in 2000. We are specialists at what we do and we like to think of ourselves as one of the best in the business.

Every member of our team who provides upholstery cleaning to our customers in Bothwell have the qualifications, knowledge and expertise to provide a good service that will not only meet but at times exceed some customers expectations. When we receive calls or emails from customers looking for upholstery cleaning we aim to get the job done as quickly as we can for them.

We can provide a free quote for our upholstery cleaning service so that our customers in Bothwell and all over for that matter know what the cost of the service will be. We offer fair pricing and the price that you are quoted is what you will pay, there are no hidden fees with us.

Upholstery cleaning has many advantages, these include:

  • your upholstery looking much better – with professional cleaning spots and stains can be removed and the colour in your upholstery can be left much brighter and looking as it once did
  • your upholstery smelling much better – smells can be absorbed in fabric sofas but when you have this cleaned not only will the cleaners make it look better they will also leave it deodorised and smelling fresh
  • upholstery will last longer with upholstery cleaning from time to time and allergens such as dust and pet hair which can cause allergies can be removed


Above we have named some of the benefits but there are many others. We will be able to offer aftercare advice also if you require this.

If you feel that you would benefit from professional upholstery cleaning at your home in Bothwell then why not get in touch with us today.