Upholstery Cleaners Carluke

At our company we can provide both upholstery and carpet cleaners to people in Carluke. Our upholstery cleaners are experienced professionals who produce good results when carrying out this service in Carluke.

There are many benefits of having your upholstery cleaned, these include:

  • the appearance – our upholstery cleaners will clean your suite thoroughly and ensure that stains and dirt are removed, leaving your suite looking fresh and new again instead of dull and dirty. Your upholstery will also smell fresh as it will be deodorised.
  • the length of time you will be able to keep your suite – regular upholstery cleaning will help to maintain the colours in fabric sofas therefore meaning that you may well keep it longer because it won’t look as tired and worn.
  • upholstery can gather dirt, dust, pet hair etc that could cause allergies. Upholstery cleaners can help you to eliminate this build up and leave your home a healthier one to live in.


Above are just some of the benefits that using our upholstery cleaners in Carluke can help with.

If you were to use our company you can be assured that we use equipment that produces good results and alongside this equipment we use 100% non toxic cleaning solutions that are safe for both children and pets.

If you have anymore questions or if you would like to speak to one of our upholstery cleaners in Carluke why not contact us today. Or if you would like to book for us to come out to clean your upholstery you can do so through our website or by calling us, which ever one you prefer.