Carpet Cleaning Rutherglen

Perfect clean is a small family run business who provide carpet cleaning around Rutherglen. We take pride in our outstanding reputation and customer satisfaction. Our customers are always left happy and satisfied. We provide carpet cleaning in commercial and residential places throughout Rutherglen. We are happy to clean carpets in any business, house or flat. Our company promises to leave your carpets smelling and looking fresh.

Why have your carpet cleaned?

Regular carpet cleaning makes your carpet easier to maintain, also our carpet cleaning will remove stubborn stains and prevent bacteria build up. Carpet cleaning will help keep the warranty and stops pollutants as they can release dangerous toxins. Carpet cleaning also removes dust mites which can cause mite allergies if they are not cleaned properly, symptoms of this may include itchy, runny noses.

How do we clean your carpets?

Our powerful machines are guaranteed to produce an outstanding finish and leave your carpet fresh and looking new. Our team ensures that every job is completed with these machines and use non-toxic solutions so your children and pets are safe. We can also provide you with an after spray to keep your carpet smelling fresher for longer. All of our products are animal and child friendly so there is no need for you to worry about dangerous toxins.

If you would like your carpet made fresher and looking better get in touch with our team and we will ensure that you are left fully satisfied, please contact us on 0778 902 5461

Carpet Cleaning Rutherglen

Are you looking for a carpet cleaning company that covers Rutherglen?

At our company, we pride ourselves on our advanced carpet cleaning method – the number one choice to clean carpets. Our process is completely free from harsh chemicals and it leaves no residue.

Traditional methods saw carpet cleaners use soaps and detergents. Our experience as carpet cleaners has taught us that those methods leave behind a toxic residue that acts as a dirt magnet – making spots and dirt reappear. The carpet cleaning products that we use provides a higher level of clean without the risk of damaging your carpet or having the spots, dirt or stains reappear.

The machine that we use is at the forefront of our industry. It can offer very fast drying times while providing a superior clean to traditional methods, leaving your carpet cleaner for longer.

Here at our company, we provide our carpet cleaning service for both domestic and commercial customers in Rutherglen. We work for the leading letting agents and hotels and often work in offices and restaurants and in various other commercial settings.

We are different from other carpet cleaning companies in Rutherglen when it comes to our pricing structure. We pride ourselves on having a very straightforward pricing policy so, rather than giving you a low price and adding on the hidden costs later on we will give you a total cost of the service – there will be absolutely no hidden extras that you will ever have to worry about with us.

For your free quote or to book/enquire about our services, feel free to give us a call on 0800 334 5597 or 0778 902 5461 from your mobile. You can also use our book an appointment page to book a slot with us.