Carpet Cleaning Burnbank

10154490_485766008219858_1192935547_nWe are a family run carpet cleaning company that works in and around Burnbank. We have been providing carpet cleaning since we were first established in 2000 and have become recognised as one of the leading companies by focusing on quality work, a professional service and state of the art equipment.

There are a number of benefits that you can receive by using us for our carpet cleaning service, some of which include:

  • Your carpet(s) will be left deep cleaned, deodorised and much brighter, this will ultimately prolong the life of your carpet(s). The benefit of prolonging the life of your carpet(s) is that it means that you won’t have to fork out money to replace your carpet(s) any time soon.
  • We are completely honest and transparent when it comes to our prices, this is different from the majority of other companies in Burnbank who use the bait and switch tactic (this is where a company advertises an attractive price that is just a teaser rate that has been used to attract customers.)
  • Our carpet cleaning service can remove any stain that you have, including Irn Bru stains. We are different from other companies in Burnbank in the sense that we successfully remove stains that other companies would refuse to even attempt to remove.
  • Our cleaning products are completely safe for both children and pets, this is beneficial because it means that not only is our service safe but it also won’t do any damage to your carpet(s).


We are able to give you a FREE quote for our service if you are interested in what our company can do for you. Just send us over some photos of your carpet(s) or give us a call and we can discuss it further.