Carpet Cleaner Eddlewood

10154490_485766008219858_1192935547_nThere are loads of homeowners and commercial property owners in Eddlewood and in various areas who will use carpet shampoo on their carpets or who will hire a portable carpet cleaner rather than hiring a professional carpet cleaner.

Carpet shampoo can leave a sticky residue on your carpet which can lead to carpets becoming dirty again as the residue dries and becomes sticky, with it then attracting more dirt. When it comes to portable carpet cleaners you may find that they don’t have much power, with them not being able to lift anywhere near as much dirt and pollutants as what a high-powered industrial extraction machine can.

Our carpet cleaning business focuses on providing a high quality, professional carpet cleaning service at affordable prices. We are always honest with all potential clients when it comes to our quotes, meaning that the price that you are quoted from one of our carpet cleaners is the price that you will be expected to pay – there are no hidden extras at all.

The carpet cleaners at our company are fully qualified and have years of experience in cleaning carpets for both residential and commercial customers in Eddlewood and in various other areas throughout Hamilton. So you can be confident that the carpet cleaner(s) who turn up are highly skilled.

We use a high-powered industrial extraction machine which deep cleans carpets, effectively removing any dirt, grit, allergens, dust mites, odours or stains that you have in your carpet. This coupled with our safe cleaning products allow for an exceptional service where your carpet(s) are left deep cleaned, deodorised and stain-free!

You can arrange for our carpet cleaners to come out to clean your carpet(s) in Eddlewood by giving us a call on 0800 334 5597 or 0778 902 5461 from your mobile. We have a lot of clients who prefer to book online with us, with our book an appointment page you can easily book a day and time that suits you.