Carpet Cleaner Chapelton

slide2A lot of homeowners and companies in Chapelton think that renting a carpet cleaning machine may be cheaper than hiring a professional however, there are many advantages to choosing professional carpet cleaners that will make the extra cost worthwhile.

Not only does it save you time arranging for carpet cleaners to come into your property but it also ensures that your carpets are being cleaned safely and effectively.

Here at our company we specialise in carpet cleaning and have provided this service to domestic and commercial customers in and around Chapelton since we were first established in 2000.

Our team of carpet cleaners have undertaken all of the training to carry out this service and are dedicated to achieving a standard of finish that is beyond what our customers imagine.

The benefits of using our carpet cleaners include:

  1. We use certified equipment and cleaning solutions – The methods that we use are approved by The Approved Carpet Cleaners Association. Unlike the machines that you will rent or buy, our industrial machines have a super strong suction that allow them to extract deeply embedded dirt and stains – more efficiently than other machines on the market.
  2. No strain on your back at all, this is because our carpet cleaners will move the furniture for you and will put it back once the service is completed
  3. You can improve the air quality in your home, this is because all of the deeply layered dirt underneath your carpet will be removed along with unseen dry contaminants; ultimately improving the air quality inside your home/commercial premises in Chapelton
  4. This service saves you time, this is because you don’t have to move the furniture, clean the carpets, carry and clean the equipment when you are finished, instead our carpet cleaners will take care of the full process and you’ll be able to return to your day to day activities
  5. You can avoid mould and mildew, both of which are very common if someone attempts to clean their own carpets as they are generally left excessively wet. By hiring a professional you will be able to ensure that your carpets aren’t over-saturated which will avoid both mould and mildew
  6. You can restore your carpet to it’s original beauty and quality, this will in turn help you to extend the life of your carpet as well as keep them feeling and looking fresh and clean
  7. Our carpet cleaners have sufficient knowledge of the different types and brands of carpets that there are which means that they’ll know what the best cleaning methods and products are for your carpet(s)


We have several appointments available for our carpet cleaning service and you can even go on to our book an appointment page and book the most appropriate time and day for you.

Our prices are very reasonable and there are never any hidden costs, so the price that you are quoted is the price that you will be expected to pay.

For your free quote or to ask us a question about this service, just give us a call on 0800 334 5597 or 0778 902 5461 from your mobile.