Rug Cleaner Eddlewood

If you google ‘rug cleaning,’ you’ll find a whole list of self-proclaimed DIY experts. They’re claiming that professional rug cleaners cost hundreds of pounds and that you can save cash by doing it yourself. We’d argue that this is not the case. If you attempt to clean your rug using inappropriate products, there is a strong possibility that you may end up needing a new rug. So, not really a money saver. A rug cleaner in Eddlewood doesn’t have to cost you hundreds. Perfect Clean offers a service that is very fairly priced and will leave you with a rug that looks fantastic.

You may be wondering why your rug may need a professional clean. Well, the obvious reasoning is that we can get rid of tough stains that a normal hoover can’t shift. Our equipment is a lot more powerful than the standard market equipment, so we’ll be able to remove wine and mud stains a lot more easily. You can see this for yourself if you take a look at our gallery. Not only does our work remove stains, but it’ll take out years worth of embedded dirt and make your rug a whole lot brighter. Seriously, you’ll be shocked at just how much the colour of your rug has faded over time.

Moving on from aesthetics, a professional rug cleaner in Eddlewood can leave you with a rug that is more hygienic. A rug is fantastic as it acts as a filter that traps dirt, dust and germs. Unfortunately, this rug then keeps hold of all of these. Our equipment can rid you of these pests and leave you with a rug that will then be able to efficiently trap these things, making for increased air quality in your home. It’s worth looking into, especially if you have pets and children.

Our rug cleaners in Eddlewood are experts. You won’t find any botched DIY jobs here. You can also be rest assured that you won’t be paying a ridiculous amount for our services. Perfect Clean has a price list that will delight you almost as much as our services will. To give you an idea, you can have three carpets cleaned by us for just £60. Nowhere near as much as the internet naysayers are proclaiming. Don’t risk ruining your carpets or rugs, call in the professionals. To get an accurate quote, you can send in a picture of your item, and we’ll get back as soon as possible. For more information, please feel free to get in contact.

Carpet Cleaning Specialists Meikle Earnock

Pop ‘Meikle Earnock’ into Google Maps and you’ll instantly see a row of ornate houses. If you live there, you have the pleasure of living in a pleasant neighbourhood with green spaces and well-kept homes. However, there is no point keeping a gorgeous front if the inside doesn’t match. If you’ve decided to keep carpets in your home but haven’t kept them clean, you’ll have done yourself and your home a disservice. You don’t have to feel self-conscious about your flooring any longer, as the team at Perfect Clean are carpet cleaning specialists in Meikle Earnock. We can leave your carpets looking as good as they did the day they were bought.

We know how it is. No one really has the time to be constantly keeping their homes spotless. Carpet cleaning is typically just a quick afterthought. You run it over with a hoover once a week and it’s good to go. However, over time this will lead to a build-up of dirt. It happens to everyone indiscriminately, so there is no need to be ashamed. Your white carpet will eventually turn a dirty cream colour. It’s just a fact of life. It’s even harder if you have kids and pets. Clumsy little hands will spill all kinds of strange coloured fluids and dogs are great at dragging in a metric ton of dirt. We know it’s a nightmare to keep on top of. Thankfully, we offer you an easy solution.

Our team of carpet cleaning specialists in Meikle Earnock can get rid of years worth of stains in one go. This isn’t a dentist-like situation where you have to keep coming back for more, we can come in and refresh your carpets easily with our high-powered machinery. You’ll be surprised at just how much the colour of your flooring has changed over time. We actually have some examples of this transformation on our gallery and YouTube page. Even if you don’t decide to go for carpet cleaning, we recommend a watch of our videos. It’s a cathartic experience if nothing else.

You may be worried that this is going to be a super expensive venture. Rest assured, these fears are unfounded. We can clean a full living room carpet for as little as £35. When you have a look at the results that we can achieve, you’ll see that this is a brilliant price. It’s almost too good really. Why are we so well priced? Not only are our team trained to the highest standards, so they can work efficiently, but they do such good work that we get a lot of business from referrals or repeat custom down the line. We’re a family-run business that just wants to give our clients the very best service possible. For more information on our carpet cleaning specialists in Meikle Earnock, please feel free to get in contact. Our team will be happy to help you with any queries you may have.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Glasgow

It’s a sad truth that nothing lasts forever. Worse still is the fact that somethings deteriorate a lot faster than others. Unless you look after it efficiently, that new cream carpet won’t last you more than a couple of years. However, there are options out there that can greatly extend the lifetime of your carpet, some of which can even extend the warranty. Our professional carpet cleaning in Glasgow is one such service which can leave you with flooring that will look great for years to come. We’ll make sure that your carpet stays looking perfect so that you don’t have to worry about it.

There is an entire section of Glasgow dubbed ‘the style mile,’ so it’s clear that being presentable is important if you want to stand out. People very easily adapt to this way of life when it comes to fashion and clothing, however, we can categorically state that the same care is not taken with carpets. This is a shame as a clean carpet can really easily enhance the look of any home or business. There is nothing more off-putting than going into a new place for the first time and encountering dirty floors. A pristine carpet is a good way of showing that you care about how you present yourself.

The results that our high-powered machinery can get are truly astonishing. We can totally transform a carpet in mere seconds, and you can see it happen in real time. If you have a look at our YouTube, you can see how quickly our cleaning techniques work to make your floor look as good as the day you bought it. Even if you’re not looking to get your carpet cleaned, the results are so stunning that the videos on our site make for a cathartic and relaxing experience.

Perfect Clean has been providing their clients with a top-quality service since the turn of the millennium. We’re a family-owned professional carpet cleaning company who want to give their customers the very best service that we possibly can. It doesn’t matter if your carpet needs a small spruce up or a total rejuvenation, our team are capable of handling anything job given to us.

We are able to clean a full living room carpet for as little as £35. Our equipment is able to pick up even the toughest of stains and we use a 100% non-toxic cleaning solution. Our professional carpet cleaning in Glasgow has been tried and tested by a number of clients, so you can trust us to deliver a fantastic service. If you’re wanting to book online, that is something that we are happy to accommodate. For more information, you reach us on 0800 334 5597.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Blantyre

It’s scary how fast time flies. You buy a new carpet and in your head, it stays relatively new for a fair amount of time, but in reality, it has been five years and your ‘new cream carpet’ is now a light brown mess. It happens to everyone, life gets in the way and your carpet isn’t a priority. Luckily at Perfect Clean carpets are our priority, and we provide a professional carpet cleaning service in Blantyre so you can leave the state of your carpet to highly capable hands. We ensure that your carpet will stay looking refreshed so that you don’t have to worry about it.

When you first get a new carpet, there is no doubt that you’re super protective over it. No shoes, no food and especially no drinks are allowed to go anywhere near it. Over time though, it becomes more tiresome to enforce those rules. All it takes is one clumsy friend spilling a glass of Malbec on the floor, or a toddler mushing a chocolate biscuit into the carpet, and suddenly the floodgates will open. From then on, all dirt is fair play and just a fact of life. It does happen, but you don’t have to just grin and bear it. Our carpet cleaning can reset the cycle, and make your carpet so clean that you’ll revert to being paranoid about it getting dirty again.

You don’t have to worry, our team are happy to come back again and again so that you can live your life without caution. Our team of experts are able to lift any stain from your floor and transform a carpet no matter how dirty it has gotten over time. Perfect Clean is Glasgow’s leading carpet cleaner for good reason. We utilise high powered, truck mounted machinery, giving your carpet an exceptionally powerful clean that will easily tackle even the most stubborn of stains.

We’ve been providing a fantastic service since the year 2000. Perfect Clean is a family-owned business and we are passionate about delivering our customers a service that cannot be matched by our competitors. Over half of our work is referrals or repeat custom, so you can see for yourself that our clients agree that our professional carpet cleaning in Blantyre is superb and great value for money. If you have a quick look on our site, you’ll see for yourself that the results we can get speak for themselves. For more information on our services, please feel free to get in contact. Our team will be happy to help.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Motherwell

Are your carpets not as bright as they used to be? Are you starting to get self-conscious about those small stains and blemishes on your flooring? Did a guest at a party get overzealous and spill some merlot on your white rug? Well have no fear, as Perfect Clean offer their clients a fantastic professional carpet cleaning service in Motherwell. No matter how deeply embedded a stain may seem, we’ll endeavour to provide an efficient and reliable service that will leave you with carpets to once again be proud of.

The unfortunate reality of life is that it is near impossible to keep your home or business spotless all the time. This is especially true of your carpet. Dirt is dropped and embedded onto your floor on a daily basis, and over time this can leave your carpet looking less than stellar. Along with a range of hygiene, financial and health benefits, a deep-clean of your carpet is a instant and inexpensive way of making your living space look a lot better.

Many companies in the Motherwell area will promise you a high-quality professional carpet cleaning service and then turn up with some small steam cleaners. This is okay, but it isn’t the best and you won’t end up with the results that you deserve. At Perfect Clean, our machinery is so powerful that we require a van to run and house it. Our equipment is top of the line and will leave you with carpets that look better than brand new. Lingering stains will be a problem of the past, and we know that just one taste of our results will leave you coming back for more again and again. If you check out our gallery, you can see some of these stunning results for yourself, or you can look at our testimonials page which will demonstrate that our clients will testify to our great services.

Best of all, our high-quality clean has absolutely no toxins that may be poisonous to pets or children. It is 100% safe, so you won’t have to worry about keeping your flooring clear for a while after the cleaning process. Life can go back to normal as soon as the carpet is dry, and this will take as little as an hour or two.

The quality clean we will give your carpet is second to none. Our professional carpet cleaning service in Motherwell is run by a team that have over 18 years worth of experience. Regardless of whether you own a domestic or commercial property, you will receive a high standard of work and our staff are all superb at paying attention to detail. To book an appointment you can contact us online or you can call us on 0800 334 5597.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Uddingston

Carpets can tie a room together. They come in a variety of colours and patterns and allow you the freedom to choose whatever design you want to create your ideal image for your home or business. Alongside this, they are comfortable and a lot more welcoming than the coldness of a hardwood floor. Over time however, a carpet takes a lot of beating from being in constant use and may stop looking its best. Perfect Clean provide clients with professional carpet cleaning in Uddingston so that you can have your property back to looking its best as quickly as possible.

Operating since 2000, Perfect Clean has established a trusted reputation for delivering a high quality service across Hamilton and the areas surrounding. Our fully qualified staff and equipment remain unmatched by our competitors, and this can be seen through the testimonials of our many satisfied customers.

No matter if your carpet needs a small spruce up, or if you need some deeply embedded stains removed, Perfect Clean’s truck mounted machines are able to clean any carpets to a professional standard in record time. Additionally, it will dry quickly between one and two hours, meaning you don’t have to wait to enjoy your new clean space.

We can clean an entire living room carpet for as little as £35, tackling tough stains that other cleaners would struggle with for an extremely fair price. You don’t have to worry about moving furniture out of the room, as we can take care of shifting it so that we can reach the entire room. Using 100% non-toxic cleaning solutions, our service is safe for both children and pets. We can be trusted to deliver a high-quality service, that won’t leave you with any additional problems.

So if you are needing professional carpet cleaning in Uddingston, Perfect Clean are tried and tested to deliver a great service. Our site allows you to book online so that you can have your carpets cleaned as soon as possible. You can contact us for more information by calling us on 0800 334 5597 or on our mobile at 07789025461. Additionally you can receive a quick quote from us by going to the form on our website and sending a photograph for an accurate quote.

Carpet Cleaning Services Hamilton

The wear and tear of family life can leave your carpet with some nasty stains and an overall tired-looking appearance. You’ve tried everything to try and revive it, but nothing seems to be working. Perfect Clean provide expert carpet cleaning services in Hamilton to remove even the toughest stains and bring your carpet back to life.

Over the years, since 2000 Perfect Clean has gained a very trustworthy reputation for its establishment for its carpet cleaning services in Hamilton and the surrounding areas. Our professional cleaners use the very best cleaning techniques and tools to ensure that the best results are achieved.

Our team at Perfect Clean are highly trained to clean many different types of carpets and to deal with different kinds of stains and imperfections. The cleaning team strive to get the best results for our customers, where nothing less than perfection is accepted. We have worked with many commercial and domestic customers, including top restaurants, hotels and letting agents. This means we have gained a significant amount of experience, so you know that your carpets are in safe hands.

At Perfect Clean, we offer all of our services at competitive prices, providing services from full room cleans to staircases, leaving your home feeling and smelling fresher than ever. All of the prices can be found on the price list provided on the Perfect Clean website. Additionally, you can send us a photo of the item you want us to clean in order to receive a more accurate quote. This can be done easily through the simple online ‘Show Us Ur Item’ form.

We also offer new alternatives to air fresheners and plug-ins, to keep your home smelling fresh for longer. Our industrial deodoriser helps to eliminate unwanted odours in your home or commercial space, leaving behind a fresh, zesty, long-lasting scent.

Perfect Clean use the best quality cleaning products, which are both child and pet friendly. State of the art equipment is used to achieve stunning results in just a matter of hours. To gain an insight into the way we work and to view real results, you can view some videos on the Perfect Clean website.

So if you would like to use our carpet cleaning services in Hamilton, you can book an appointment using the online application form. Alternatively, you can give us a call on 0800 334 5597 or 07789025461 today to find out more.

Upholstery Cleaners Cambuslang

Our upholstery cleaners work with customers in Cambuslang and the surrounding areas and continue to do so as previous customers continue to use us and recommend us to others due to the high standards and level of customer service that we set ourselves. Customer satisfaction is important to us as its customers who help our business to grow.

In the time that we have been a company we have built up our reputation also so every job that we are asked to do in Cambuslang is done by our own upholstery cleaners, we don’t use sub contractors.

When people search for upholstery cleaners they take into account different things, they want to know that they are using a professional company who know what they are doing and who can deliver results, they also want a company who are competitively priced and who have the resources available to carry out the work. That is exactly what you get when you use us.

If you contact us looking for a quote from our upholstery cleaners in Cambuslang you will see on our website that there is a section where you can upload pictures of the item that you are looking to have cleaned, this enables us to give you an accurate quote based on what we see. You can also call us up for a free no obligation quote.

Using upholstery cleaners who know what they are doing can save you from going out and having to buy new upholstery for your home, which in the long run will save you money. So why not give it a try and find out for yourself.

Upholstery Cleaners Cumbernauld

Our upholstery cleaners have worked in many properties in Cumbernauld over the years, providing a top class cleaning service to everyone who uses us. As upholstery cleaners we are passionate about what we do, we want to get our customers in Cumbernauld the best results that we possibly can.

People look for upholstery cleaners when their upholstery becomes tired looking. They want professionals who will:

  • thoroughly clean their upholstery
  • leave their upholstery brighter, cleaner and fresher
  • be able to help them extend the life of their upholstery
  • help them to maintain a healthier environment for both themselves and their family


We pride ourselves on the competitive prices that we offer to all of our customers. The fact that our upholstery cleaners are fully qualified and experienced and use truck mounted equipment with cleaning solutions which are both safe for children and pets is part of the reason why our customers continue to use us as well as telling others about the great service we provide.

There is a price list on our website which shows some prices that you can expect to be charged by our upholstery cleaners in Cumbernauld although we do have another section on our website which enables you to show us a picture of the item you are looking to have cleaned which then allows us to give you a more accurate quote for the work you require. The price that you are quoted is the price that you will be expected to pay, there are no hidden charges with us.

If you would like to book our upholstery cleaners to come out to your home in Cumbernauld then why not give us a call or you can book an appointment online through our booking form.

Upholstery Cleaning Bothwell

Here at Perfect Clean we have been providing upholstery cleaning services to customers in Bothwell and the surrounding areas since we first formed as a company in 2000. We are specialists at what we do and we like to think of ourselves as one of the best in the business.

Every member of our team who provides upholstery cleaning to our customers in Bothwell have the qualifications, knowledge and expertise to provide a good service that will not only meet but at times exceed some customers expectations. When we receive calls or emails from customers looking for upholstery cleaning we aim to get the job done as quickly as we can for them.

We can provide a free quote for our upholstery cleaning service so that our customers in Bothwell and all over for that matter know what the cost of the service will be. We offer fair pricing and the price that you are quoted is what you will pay, there are no hidden fees with us.

Upholstery cleaning has many advantages, these include:

  • your upholstery looking much better – with professional cleaning spots and stains can be removed and the colour in your upholstery can be left much brighter and looking as it once did
  • your upholstery smelling much better – smells can be absorbed in fabric sofas but when you have this cleaned not only will the cleaners make it look better they will also leave it deodorised and smelling fresh
  • upholstery will last longer with upholstery cleaning from time to time and allergens such as dust and pet hair which can cause allergies can be removed


Above we have named some of the benefits but there are many others. We will be able to offer aftercare advice also if you require this.

If you feel that you would benefit from professional upholstery cleaning at your home in Bothwell then why not get in touch with us today.