Carpet Cleaner Hamilton

Have you been looking for a carpet cleaner? If so you should come to us. We have been providing our carpet cleaning services to people based in Hamilton since we were first established in 2000. Over the years we have gained a reliable reputation for the quality of cleaning that we provide, this has also meant that the majority of our work has came through repeat custom and via referrals.

Our carpet cleaner is highly skilled and has worked in both residential and commercial properties in Hamilton over the years, this means you can expect to receive a professional service from our company. When providing our services we make use of 100% non-toxic cleaning solutions which are safe for both children and pets, along with this we make use of a high powered industrial extraction machine which is able to leave behind drier carpets.

Our cleaning solutions and equipment is able to:

  • Remove deeply embedded stains
  • Brighten colours
  • Rejuvenate pile
  • Deep clean your carpets
  • Leave your carpets deodorised


We provide competitive prices to those in Hamilton who are interested in coming to our carpet cleaner, with our prices being a fraction of the cost of what other companies are charging for this service! Before any work is carried out you can expect our carpet cleaner to provide you with a free quote.

Those who would like to find out more about this service should give us a call. You can then expect to speak to one of our team who will be able to tell you more about this service and answer any questions that you might have.